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It's Time For Your Biggest 
Music Production Breakthrough.


When EMOTION Meets MOTION... Music Is Created. I Will Teach You How To Harness These Elements So You Can Write
& Produce Anything You Want.

  • Imagine if you could sit at your DAW and confidently start writing in any style you wanted...

  • Imagine if you could lay down beautiful chord progressions & powerful basslines with ease...

  • Imagine if you knew proven arrangement techniques so you could FINISH tracks fast...

Look, let's be real. The best way to get to the next level of your music isn't random YouTube tutorials. It's personal help from someone more experienced than you.

As a professional producer with thousands of placements in TV shows and ads, a remix that went to #1 on the Billboard Dance charts, and a deep passion for helping other producers get out of their own way...

We'll get you to your next level fast.

It's time you felt amazing about your music, finished amazing tracks quickly, and showed the world the incredible music you can make.

Click below to setup a time on my personal calendar to talk about your music, and see if my lessons are right for you.


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What Private Lessons Look Like



How Do Private Lessons Work?

You download a free program called "Zoom." At our meeting time, we open a video-chat screen-sharing session on Zoom, and I will start helping you learn how to make your music sound better.

What Music Styles Can You Help Me Learn to Produce?

My specialty is in modern production. I frequently work on pop, electronic, cinematic, rock and hybrid music. I will teach you the philosophy of music production as a whole. This will help you produce in any style you like and sound like a pro.

What Specifically Can You Help Me Learn?

Sound design. Mixing. Mastering. Sample selection. Drum programming. Writing with MIDI. Arrangement. Composition. Music business.

Everything to do with writing, producing and finishing professional sounding music.

How Long Are Lessons?

Each lesson is between 60 and 90 minutes depending on what we decide is needed.

How Much Are Lessons?

It differs depending on how deep we're going to go. Schedule a free consultation below and let's chat about what you need. We'll set up a plan and budget that works for both of us. 

How Does The Money-Back Guarantee Work?

If after your first lesson you decide this isn't for you, just request your money back. Simple.

I'm Ready! How Do I Start?

Click below to schedule a free consultation with me. I'm looking forward to help you reach your personal next level.